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So every now and then Ji-Eun loves to slobber. I mean sometimes it seams theres a waterfall of saliva drooling from her mouth. All cute and all, but at times, especially after a night of drool, she may develop a little bit of a nappy rash (new term I learned that means a rash around her neck). Came across a great product that is the miracle we’ve been looking for. Its a cream that goes by the name of “Sudocrem”, and from the label appears to be a product made for Australia. (For more information their website is, www.sudocrem.com.au)

Not only does the cream work very well for the rash on her neck, but also for diaper rash. After dealing with rash for a few days, we finally decided to try this stuff out, and by the next day all trace of rash has cleared up, and by day two, it was completely gone. So I was very satisfied with it. So to prevent this from occurring again, I’ve learned to always keep a handkerchief around to immediately wipe any saliva from her face, and to wash her neck area very well with soap and water everyday during bath time.

Seems to do the trick!

So since I had to remake the website, I’ve neglecting quality posting. This is the last of the batch photo uploads from before the remake. Enjoy!

Mobility pt 2

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Highlights include .. well a little bit of everything!

Mobility Everywhere

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Almost finished posting all photos from post ServingBaby.com remade!

It’s all good.

New found motor skills and the discovery of movement

So I read this article over at Ars describing how TOR needs more bridges, especially the obfs3 variety. Since I have already been running a normal relay (which there are many hundreds of) and since TOR only as of this writing have about 40, I decided I would throw my server into this area. Having a fiber connection should help those behind the oppressive regimes such as North Korea, Iran, Syria and the likes. Fairly painless process of setting up the Bridge, and I tested it out to make sure its running optimally.

What ever I can do to do my part to keep the internet free, and people of the world safe, I will do my part with the skill set I have. I hope I can help in some meaningful way.

Check out some of apps that we now have on the Google Play Store.
Including a few games featuring Iris Ji Eun Bennett as the main character, and a mobile gallery so you can get all her best pics at the touch of your finger tips!



Baby Iris is born!

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Taken Dec. 16th 2011 – Natural Birth, just in the nick of time.

Self Awareness

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After the first month Iris Ji Eun Bennett begins to show signs of self awareness. It’s amazing watching her learn new things by the experiences she encounters.