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So today Iris went in to get some immunization shots. She did quite well too.

On the way home, we took the bus and had quite an experience. The entire bus full of people, wanted to see the baby, and talk to Lily about her. Drawing conclusions that Iris is a model and should be a star! Interesting. I think after our vacation in a months time, we will hit the local modeling agencies and see what happens.

It’s all good.

Iris 2 months of life was celebrated this last Thursday! And in celebration for myself, I went ahead and got a tattoo in her honor. I went to a shop I have been to before in Seoul called Tattoo Korea. The main guy Aerok, is very cool and professional, so I was more than happy to receive his shops services again.

The design I got, involved Iris’s name in the form of Chinese Characters. In 3 blocks, where the top symbol signifies daughter/girl, and the middle is the pronunciation “Ji” also meaning “Wisdom” whereas the bottom block is “Eun”, meaning “Grace”. I will be curious in the future if Iris will demonstrate those virtues of Wisdom and Grace… Which I’m sure she will.

For the fun of it, I also did a little photoshop with a little Vulcan inspiration. I don’t know but something about Iris’s face screams Vulcan to me!

Oh. This last weekend, we went in again for more shots at the clinic, and she is drinking a good 90 mL of formula/breast milk, with the most now going towards breast milk in one sitting. Shes pretty healthy as of now, so its all good. She only goes poo about every three days now, which I have heard is normal, especially if most of her diet consists of breast milk, as it is mostly absorbed into the system. Another thing, is sometimes her left eye gets some gunk and redness to it. My wife was shocked a bit to see me put in a few drops of breast milk into her eye. I told her, more than likely it will help her, as mother’s milk contains many antibodies and will fight any infection quite well. That, and the fact that her mother to do the same thing, just confirmed my reasoning for my wife.

Now we are getting ready in the next few weeks for a vacation to the good ol’ U.S.of.A.! It will Iris’s first time, and my wife’s second time. Iris will get to finally meet her Grandparents, and Great Grandparents. Should be a trip!!

In Korea, the first birthday is very important. Iris just celebrated that moment! Traditionally, the baby is presented with a tray of items that must have one thing chosen from. Among the items are things that will predict the kind of life style the person will lead. I was asked what I would like her to pick, and I said a pencil signifying intelligence, and my wife chose money for wealth. Well Iris, she pick two things at the same time to our surprise. Both the pencil and a microphone. I guess she will be a K-Pop star who writes her own material. Tight.

It took a good while to get the hang of it, (an all 1 – 2 weeks) but she has learned to crawl all over the place. At first it was just a little movement here and there, but as soon as she realized what she was doing, she began to crawl everywhere. I do mean everywhere. Fortunately we are moving into a bigger new home soon, so Ji Eun will have so much more area to crawl around in. One word; Baby Proofing! Okay two words, but we are going to need to do that as soon as possible.

If I turn my eye and back again, I will see she has gotten into the trash, or banging on my keyboard, or slobbering over my wife’s laptop. She gets her teeth into everything that she can including paper, wires, and even clothes. I guess that’s not too surprising, as recently my wife discovered that she now has two upper teeth in the location you would expect to see vampire’s teeth! My wife saysVampire Baby! But its all good.

“Oh Iris! You are growing so fast!!”

You know one day your baby is just waddling about in a area no bigger than a pillow. A week later, shes pulling herself in all directions! Everyday since she was a few weeks old, we have been putting Iris on her stomach for “Tummy Time” and you can tell it has helped incredibly improve her mobility and muscles. Well, she now has the strength to stand up. Not completely by herself, but with the help of holding onto something, she can support her own weight. Though she does look as my wife likes to put it, “A drunken baby” stance. (No she doesn’t really get drunk, but just looks that way haha)

So these days, I hold her hands while she tries to stand, and she has gotten very good at it at that. So to improve upon that, I’ve introduced dancing lessons for her, so that she can adapt to movement and improve upon stability as well as hand eye/feet ordination. She rather enjoys it!

So every now and then Ji-Eun loves to slobber. I mean sometimes it seams theres a waterfall of saliva drooling from her mouth. All cute and all, but at times, especially after a night of drool, she may develop a little bit of a nappy rash (new term I learned that means a rash around her neck). Came across a great product that is the miracle we’ve been looking for. Its a cream that goes by the name of “Sudocrem”, and from the label appears to be a product made for Australia. (For more information their website is, www.sudocrem.com.au)

Not only does the cream work very well for the rash on her neck, but also for diaper rash. After dealing with rash for a few days, we finally decided to try this stuff out, and by the next day all trace of rash has cleared up, and by day two, it was completely gone. So I was very satisfied with it. So to prevent this from occurring again, I’ve learned to always keep a handkerchief around to immediately wipe any saliva from her face, and to wash her neck area very well with soap and water everyday during bath time.

Seems to do the trick!

So since I had to remake the website, I’ve neglecting quality posting. This is the last of the batch photo uploads from before the remake. Enjoy!

Mobility pt 2

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Highlights include .. well a little bit of everything!

Mobility Everywhere

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by ServingBaby in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Almost finished posting all photos from post ServingBaby.com remade!

It’s all good.

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