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“Tor calls for help as its supply of bridges falters” Ars

April 18th, 2013 | Posted by ServingBaby in Uncategorized

So I read this article over at Ars describing how TOR needs more bridges, especially the obfs3 variety. Since I have already been running a normal relay (which there are many hundreds of) and since TOR only as of this writing have about 40, I decided I would throw my server into this area. Having a fiber connection should help those behind the oppressive regimes such as North Korea, Iran, Syria and the likes. Fairly painless process of setting up the Bridge, and I tested it out to make sure its running optimally.

What ever I can do to do my part to keep the internet free, and people of the world safe, I will do my part with the skill set I have. I hope I can help in some meaningful way.

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