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Rebuilding Old Posts: Dancing Baby and Learning to Stand Time

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by ServingBaby in Uncategorized

“Oh Iris! You are growing so fast!!”

You know one day your baby is just waddling about in a area no bigger than a pillow. A week later, shes pulling herself in all directions! Everyday since she was a few weeks old, we have been putting Iris on her stomach for “Tummy Time” and you can tell it has helped incredibly improve her mobility and muscles. Well, she now has the strength to stand up. Not completely by herself, but with the help of holding onto something, she can support her own weight. Though she does look as my wife likes to put it, “A drunken baby” stance. (No she doesn’t really get drunk, but just looks that way haha)

So these days, I hold her hands while she tries to stand, and she has gotten very good at it at that. So to improve upon that, I’ve introduced dancing lessons for her, so that she can adapt to movement and improve upon stability as well as hand eye/feet ordination. She rather enjoys it!

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