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Rebuiding Old Posts: Vulcan Baby

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by ServingBaby in Uncategorized

Iris 2 months of life was celebrated this last Thursday! And in celebration for myself, I went ahead and got a tattoo in her honor. I went to a shop I have been to before in Seoul called Tattoo Korea. The main guy Aerok, is very cool and professional, so I was more than happy to receive his shops services again.

The design I got, involved Iris’s name in the form of Chinese Characters. In 3 blocks, where the top symbol signifies daughter/girl, and the middle is the pronunciation “Ji” also meaning “Wisdom” whereas the bottom block is “Eun”, meaning “Grace”. I will be curious in the future if Iris will demonstrate those virtues of Wisdom and Grace… Which I’m sure she will.

For the fun of it, I also did a little photoshop with a little Vulcan inspiration. I don’t know but something about Iris’s face screams Vulcan to me!

Oh. This last weekend, we went in again for more shots at the clinic, and she is drinking a good 90 mL of formula/breast milk, with the most now going towards breast milk in one sitting. Shes pretty healthy as of now, so its all good. She only goes poo about every three days now, which I have heard is normal, especially if most of her diet consists of breast milk, as it is mostly absorbed into the system. Another thing, is sometimes her left eye gets some gunk and redness to it. My wife was shocked a bit to see me put in a few drops of breast milk into her eye. I told her, more than likely it will help her, as mother’s milk contains many antibodies and will fight any infection quite well. That, and the fact that her mother to do the same thing, just confirmed my reasoning for my wife.

Now we are getting ready in the next few weeks for a vacation to the good ol’ U.S.of.A.! It will Iris’s first time, and my wife’s second time. Iris will get to finally meet her Grandparents, and Great Grandparents. Should be a trip!!

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