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Rebuilding Old Posts: 100 Days of Life

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by ServingBaby in Uncategorized

Korean custom has this wonderful tradition of celebrating the 100th day of a newborn’s life. In Korea this day is known as Baek-il (백일) or literally 100 Days. From what I have learned, on this day, we celebrate our baby’s 100th day of life with great joy. As 100 days is really a great milestone in her life. Before modern medicine, I believe infant mortality rate was higher, and one can understand why reaching 100 days is important as survival only increases in chances, where when reaching one year is a major celebration to look forward too as well.

Well, Baby Iris Ji Eun Bennett, has reached this day, and as we had it, we were also back in good old San Antonio, Texas visiting her grandparents. My mom had already planned ahead of time for a party in honor of Iris’s 100 Day Birthday. In fact, my mom finds it very nice that the 100 Days celebration coincides and roughly marks 1 year after conception. Perhaps this is why in Korea we are always a year older than the West? You know the whole “Korean age v.s. American Age” thing.

My mom, also researched about the entire thing on the web, and stumbled across Korean Tradition of giving a gold ring weighing 3.75 Grams to the baby. I didn’t tell my mom about that tradition, because gold is crazy expensive, but she went all out and insisted on getting the ring for Iris because it is after all tradition. The tradition goes, that the baby receive a gold ring, to be kept until time for college, in which the ring is cashed in, and the proceeds used for tuition. (Iris if you read this at that time, and you don’t know where your ring is, maybe I already cashed it in, and bought beer :p)

My mom made two cakes, while we were at her home, one for Iris’s party, and one of her own creations. Her birthday cake was so cute, and was perfect for the occasion. She had hand drawn a turtle design on the cake because I once suggested Iris is as cute as a turtle.

And then there is this great concoction my mom invented, and she calls it the Very Berry Berry Strawberry Cake, or something like that. Anyway, it was absolutely to die for. Topped with all kinds of berries such as blue berries, raspberries and  a cake mix filling of strawberries. I’ll have to get the recipe for that one day..

All in all, Iris’s 100 Day Birthday was a complete success, and I am very grateful to my parents for all their care, love and support.

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